Grab Your Guitar!

Grab Your Guitar!

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  • Are These Your Thoughts About Guitar?

    • Ι wish I could grab my guitar and be able to play my favorite songs or even compose my own…
    • I have not played my guitar for a long time and it breaks my heart…
    • I wish I could have a joyful hobby like playing the guitar...

    If you have the above thoughts, then now is the time to change them and start playing your guitar.

  • I Wish There Was A Way To...

    • Perform a song all the way through to the end and my friends will recognize it!
    • Not to be afraid to perform in front of other people.
    • To become a regular thing to play for my family, friends or even strangers.
    • Looking forward to grabbing my guitar. Practice to be joyful and not a chore. Notice improvement and not always play the same things.

    Wouldn’t it be exciting to play the guitar the way you always wanted to do?

  • I Can Help You Make It Happen

    I strongly believe that all of us have the potential to learn to play music. Yes. Everyone. We all deserve to have a good time with our guitars. And YOU deserve to have access to a guitar teacher who wants to actively support and help you to achieve your music goals. You deserve to see results in your guitar playing after your effort.



    The students we work with come from all over the world and range in age from 10 to 70! Guitar and musicianship skills are quickly acquired, giving the confidence not only to perform favorite songs, but also to improvise and perform solos. The Contemporary Graded Music Exams (online) from RSL Awards - RockSchool UK are also an option, in which we have achieved 100% success with an average score of 87%.


    In most cases, our students start off as beginners and go up to intermediate and advanced levels as they progress. You don't need to be a pro player or you don't have any previous experience with guitar to start learning with us. Let's start from scratch in order to build a solid foundation for your guitar learning journey. Get ready to rock and have lots of fun!


    Sunburst Guitar School is your guitar home if you love Rock, Metal, & Blues. If you've always dreamed of playing the awesome solo from Sweet Child 'O' Mine, jamming with Free Bird, and riffing like Dave & James, Sunburst Guitar School will make it happen. Our focus will be on building your guitar confidence so that you can play any of your favorite songs without being restricted to a particular repertoire.


    Our approach to mastering guitar skills is structured and organized, there is a road map and a list of accomplishments. The method we use includes milestones at every level and you'll always work towards your own goals. Do you want to be the campfire guitarist who can play the top 40 acoustics? How about joining a band and riffing like there's no tomorrow? Maybe you want to shred like the guitar heroes! Whatever your goal is, our method works!


  • Crunch


    Was $236

    or $1,999 for 12 Months!

    • 1x60m Guitar Online Lesson/Week
    • Guitar Ninjas Program Access
    • Guitar Dojo Online Membership  
  • SuperDrive


    Was $496

    or $2,999 for 12 Months!

    • 2x60m Guitar Online Lessons/Week
    • Guitar Ninjas Program Access
    • Guitar Dojo Online Membership
    • Monthly Zoom Workshop
  • Ultra Lead


    Was $796

    or $4,499 for 12 Months!

    • 3x60m Guitar Online Lessons/Week
    • Guitar Ninjas Program Access
    • Guitar Dojo Online Membership
    • Monthly Zoom Workshop
    • Premium Student Portal Access



    Guitar playing can expand your horizons, boost your creativity, and enhance your personality. Your confidence as a player will translate into your daily life as well. You can release emotions and stress through it. Playing music that expresses your feelings is an incredibly liberating experience. Making music makes it even more fun!


    My role is to assist support you to start an exciting guitar journey! We will determine together what the best path to follow based the goals you set and the pace you want to adopt. Firstly, I'll show you how to grab the low hanging fruits. We will learn chord shifting, picking articulation, left-hand finger control, and rhythm sense together. Then we will master them but we will not stay there! We will become musical and creative! That's the point...right???


    There is enough guitar material to master the instrument for seven years. You will have the chance to enhance your performance skill during your guitar journey with Sunburst Guitar School! Moreover, you will have the option to involve and record yourself for several projects and workshops related to lead & rhythm Rock and Metal Guitar.

 The age of the students does not influence their ability to play, only their dreams do.


  • Vas is a fantastic player and teacher. I played with him once in Doha, and he amazed me with his skill, tone, and feelings. You can't go wrong in learning with him!

    Jack Thammarat

    Guitarist, Guitar Instructor, Music Composer, Winner of 2009 Guitar Idol
  • Vas is super patient, and breaks things down into bite size pieces. As a fellow guitar teacher, this is super important. I wanted to find a teacher a little further down the road than me so I can continue to be challenged and learn new things. His teaching style allows me to have quick wins and progress along faster to learning more complex songs on the guitar. Can’t wait for the next lesson!

    Josh Gillis

  • I enjoy the guitar lessons with Vas. From the first few lessons I have boosted my guitar skills like never before, and I was able to jam along with the songs I always wanted to. I have developed already the required foundation to be creative with the electric guitar!

    Manos Kalostypis

I'm Vas, and I'm happy to welcome you to Sunburst Guitar School!

Throughout my life, I've dedicated myself to the guitar in many ways, but my ultimate mission is to make you have fun learning the electric & acoustic guitar.
In Rhodes, Greece, where I come from, I touched the guitar for the first time in the early 90s and that goosebumps feeling remains until today, every time the strings vibrate. It was an electric guitar sound that resonated throughout my entire body! Have you ever felt this way? Magic happens when you pick up a guitar, the journey begins, time travels, and your hands become tools for expressing yourself. It's my job to make it happen! YES, you can learn how to play like you always wanted and save hours of wrong practicing. With my help and the use of modern methods you will improve your skills significantly. You will get closer to the music you want to play with every minute you practice.

After playing and practicing for over 30 years and teaching for over 10 years, I realized that it's not just how much time you dedicate for practicing, but how much guitar guidance you get too. In addition, during my years in teaching the guitar, I have found that the age of the students does not influence their ability to play, only their dreams do. In case you're looking to relieve stress, you've found it! If you're looking for more social interaction, play the guitar in front of friends or even strangers, check! What about making friends and forming a band? Wow! Maybe you just want some songs to accompany your lyrics? Done! Guitar playing is an amazing and effective way to connect with your inner self. Take the first step, book your free guitar lesson NOW and discover how many amazing feelings you can have with this instrument ;)





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